TravelStaytion The New Accommodation Trend of 2018 in London

Planning to visit London soon? Then you must definitely check out TravelStaytion!

Published October 16, 2018

One of the first things travellers book, right after buying tickets to a destination, is their accommodation. Either travelling for business or leisure, finding the right place to stay is an essential step to your trip planning. Anyone who has been in London before, knows well about the city’s huge size and endless accommodation options. And anyone who is visiting for the first time, should know that finding the right place to stay in one of the world’s largest cities, can be very tricky.

Over the past few years, the new accommodation 'trend', particularly in destinations such as London, is staying in houses or apartments. And it is rather easy to understand the reasons why this practice has become so popular: the apartments are usually centrally located, offer complete privacy and independence, and, above all, are significantly cheaper than most above-average, centrally located hotels. Of course, booking a place that will 'make you feel like home', has its downfalls as well. Complicated procedures, amateur unprofessional hosts, and 'what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get' incidents, are some of the most common issues.

However, all these potential problems, had nothing to do with the experience and service we received during our recent booking with TravelStaytion! On the occasion of one of our latest trips to London, we happened to come across this highly professional holiday house booking platform, which gave us all the reasonswhy we should book an apartment rather than a hotel room! TravelStaytion's main achievement is to deliver its promise of making guests ‘feel like home’ in the best possible way, no matter which house they book. Their professional attitude, the level of service they provide and their non-stop focus on high quality, guarantee that all their apartments maintain the same standards.

The houses are ‘made by professionals for quality seekers’: handpicked by the company’s team of specialists and they are all provided and managed by professional hosts. This ensures the high quality of the booking procedure, as well as the provided service. Tailored to your needs, your experience with TravelStaytion is bound to be the most personalized and carefree ever! Some of the apartments even have an on-location concierge service (like butlers and doormen), who can help you with any assistance or personal recommendations.

Focusing on our 4 main traveller types, gayluxurywellness, and food, Travel by Interest has collected and presents the reasons why each type of traveler should choose TravelStaytion. In addition, we provide a couple of extra tips for each category, that will help you plan your trip to London more efficiently!